Business Networking Groups & Websites

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Business Networking Groups & Websites

There are so many business networking groups and websites nowadays that it can be rightfully said that it is easier to get into any venture today than it was earlier. These groups are an assortment of different kinds of businesspersons, each with some or the other input of their own. They are people with varying degrees of experiences, and almost each and every one of them has something to contribute to the working of the community.

If you become a part of such a group, the important benefit you get is that you can learn from the collective experience. You can join into these groups and can even ask direct questions to find out about things you don’t know, and you can even get to know a few things you had never heard about.

Business networking groups have been traditionally offline, but recently there is a spurt of these groups on the Internet. These online groups have virtual seminars and webinars instead of the physical ones. Conferences are conducted virtually, even video conferences. There are also strict rules for joining and basic conduct within the group, just as one would expect in a physical business networking group.

Benefits of Being a Part of a Business Networking Group

  1. Being in a business networking group means you are partaking of the experiences of the other people in the group. Every business networking group has people of different ages, experiences and types of businesses. Hence, there is a lot to learn. So, if you are new entrant to the business world and you don’t have much experience, being a part of such a group could help you in immense measure.
  3. There may be many things about running a business that you might not know. For instance, there might be some rule or regulation that you are not aware of, or there might be some documentation that your business needs that you don’t know about. There might also be something that someone else is doing with their business that you aren’t doing. These are essential things you must become acquainted with. Normally, people who set up businesses go through the live-and-learn route. But if you become a part of a business networking group, there are all chances that you will learn of these things from the other people in the network itself.
  5. A great thing about business networking groups is that you are able to liaise with younger entrepreneurs. These younger people might have new ideas and they may be more acquainted with the technology of the day, which helps them give a boost to their business. This could definitely help you too. Being in a business networking group helps you get modernized, something that you might not learn about otherwise.
  7. It gives you more security too. If there is some change in a government regulation, for example, that is affecting your business drastically, you might get updates from such a group. When you know that you aren’t the only one in the fray, you can have more peace of mind. Similarly, you get to know when things are going to be resolved.
  9. Some business groups have highly reputable names and are well-known. Being a part of such a high-profile group adds a lot of stars to your own credibility. However, you should know that it isn’t easy to become a part of such a group; there are a lot of eligibility requirements, but if you do manage to get into the elite group, it could add to your credibility as well.
  11. If you are looking for capital to start your business or to take your existing business forward, a business networking group could help your immensely. Since there are a lot of businesspeople on such groups, you can find out from them what they did to arrange for finance. Or, if you are lucky, you might also find a business angel investor who might like your idea so much that he or she might step in and want to invest in it.

Business Networking Websites

Today, business networking websites are making networking all the more easier. That’s because with the help of websites, the networking is no longer localized. You can collaborate with people from all over the nation, or all over the world, for that matter. You have to just find the right kind of website to be a part of. The concept is more or less like that of a forum where a lot of people can have open conversation with each other. Some of these websites also have private communication features added to their portals, such as instant messengers, and it is also possible to send private email.

Once again, becoming a part of business networking websites isn’t without its complexities. You have to prove that you are a real businessperson, which does not mean that you should have a business, but you need to prove that you are interested. There is a verification process after which these websites can take you as a member.

With business networking websites, there are several restrictions that might not be found in conventional groups. For instance, the networking is done at a particular time each day so as to be convenient to all the members on the network. This could be early in the morning or in the evening. If conferences are held, they will be at a fixed time and at a fixed frequency, such as once a week or once a fortnight, etc. You have to become aware of all these things.

There are similarities with usual business networking groups as well. You will find groups that only take a particular kind of people. There might be groups for senior persons who are entrepreneurs as well, there might be groups for work at home moms and there might be groups for real estate businesspeople and so on. You might want to look around to find a group that best fits your needs.

However, it is very much true that business networking groups and websites can help you immensely and actually answer a few business questions you have but don’t know whom to ask. Well, this is the place to ask!
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