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National Business Angels Network

It is true that getting your real estate business funded through a national business angels network is a tough proposition. Well, this is true for other kinds of business as well, but at the same time, it is also true that if you are able to get an investment from such a network, your chances of succeeding in the business are decidedly enhanced. So, it is worth putting in the effort of getting access to such a network.

First and foremost, it is a better idea to communicate with an angels’ network rather than a single angel. A single angel might be able to give you the funds that you need to start your business, but you should know that these kinds of collaborations are not just about the investment. There are several other things that an entrepreneur expects from a national business angels network than a mere investment in the venture.

One of the things that are expected is to learn from the experience of the angel. Now, when an angel is operating solo, it is possible that the angel does not have any business experience at all; that he or she just has the money to invest and is looking at gaining some returns from that. However, when a network is involved, the members definitely have greater experience. They know how businesses work. They will be able to provide this experience to the entrepreneur as well. Hence, getting an investment from a business angels network is a learning experience for the entrepreneur as well. And if the entrepreneur is just starting out, this could be of a very great value to them.

Networks are decidedly better because they can give entrepreneurs their collective experience. The entrepreneur can come in touch with people with diverse kinds of experience and get more help while starting out than mere money.

Then there is also the fact that the chances of getting an application forwarded increase if a network is involved. In a network, there are various kinds of people and these people have different interests. When you submit your application, many potential angels will see it. Each one of them will think about what kind of benefit they may have in the network. It is possible that many of them may not want to invest, but at the same time the chances of finding some suitable angel for your venture are heightened because many people are seeing your application.

Also, there is the post-process that you have to think about. Once the investment is done and the business is up and running, you stand to gain immensely if it is a network that you are dealing with. The angels in the network will help you set up the business and will keep track of how the business is performing. There will be quarterly or half-yearly or even annual meetings where they will scrutinize how the business is performing. This is important in two days. Firstly, it helps them know if there is anything wrong with the business, which they can rectify before the issue becomes bigger. With new entrepreneurs, this is an essential concern. They can deliberate and provide valuable suggestions when there still is time. The other way in which this helps is that they can keep track of the business and ensure that it is going on in accordance with the laws of the land.

When you have made your contact with a national business angels’ network and received your real estate business financing from them, there is more or less peace of mind that your business is safe. You have a go-to option if you are stuck and you know what you can do in order to make your business succeed if it is stuck.

However, making contact with the national business angels’ network is not an easy task. You have to first find out how to contact them—usually you do this through their website—and then you have to submit an application form which contains a proper business proposal. This business proposal will detail what you want to do with your business, what nature your business will be and what kind of profits your business will bring in. If you have any concerns about the business, if you think that there might be some or the other kinds of obstacles in the path, then you have to mention that in the business proposal as well. Business proposals should also contain the nature of competition that prevails in the land and why the mentioned business hopes to rise above the competition.

Any business proposal is first looked into by the people who run the network of angels. They then decide if the proposal is worth submitting forward to the angels. The proposals that are deemed worthy are then sent to the potential investors. Now, in any kind of network there will be people with different kinds of interests and so the network decides which angels will find a particular application attractive. Once that is decided, the application is sent forward to them and the angel then goes through the application in intricate detail.

The angel sees what the application holds for him or her, whether it is principally agreeable to them and whether they would like to invest in it. They look forward to what kind of returns they might get from the venture and how much time it might take for them for the business to start paying out.

After all these considerations, they decide to invest. There are meetings between the entrepreneurs and the potential investors. This is a crucial stage because this is where the angel decides how genuine and skillful the entrepreneur is and whether the investment will provide returns or not. If this meeting goes well, then things proceed and the deals are struck.

In any case, entrepreneurs find it much beneficial to come in contact with national business angels’ networks rather than solo investors. They get much more stability and security with a network than they cannot expect with individual investors.

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