Women in Business Networks

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Women in Business Networks

Even in this day and age, it is true that women in business have to face a lot more discrimination than their male counterparts. There is more criticism as well, and a general sense of apprehension when a woman’s participation is involved in what is considered to be mainly a male domain. It is also true that women might not be able to rise up the corporate ladder as fast as men, despite the various concessions provided to them by the government authorities.

It is because of such reasons that women in business networks are seeing a lot of activity. Being associated together and discussing their common problems is a good way for women to support each other and help them go ahead with their business activities with more inspiration and encouragement. These networks are nothing but a group of women associating together with the common intent of discussing business pursuits and finding optimal ways to go ahead with their individual ventures as well as participating and collaborating in ventures.

Where are Women in Business Networks Found?

Earlier, there used to be clubs and associations where exclusively businesswomen gathered to communicate and collaborate. These associations would have ‘real’ meetings such as seminars, workshops and other such events. The events would proceed through speeches and discussions and general question-answer rounds. The women who would get associated with each other in such networks would also become friends and form smaller groups of their own and have more personal events. Sometimes women who found that they matched each other’s personalities and business interests would also get together and forge partnerships and work together, usually thinking that collective effort leads to a better success than an individual endeavor.

In our present day, though such ‘physical’ women in business networks still exist, the bigger popularity is enjoyed by networks that exist online. These networks also see a lot of people and have much better features associated with them. Being online networks, they are much more streamlined and quicker, and they lead to global exposure. Today, when we speak about women in business networks, we usually refer to networks that exist online.

Let us take a look at the different benefits that business women get when they collaborate through such online network.

    • Online networks allow members to find people from absolutely different walks of life. It is possible to find people from all kinds of businesses, which is something that leads to much better networking. The diversity that one can get from being in an online network is unmatched by any kind of physical network. The very fact that there are a lot more people here means that there are a lot more ideas as well. If you want to know something relating to your business, the chances of finding answers through the Internet based networks are decidedly more.
    • The second benefit is that you have the convenience of networking from wherever you are. You don’t have to go anywhere to meet people; you can do it from your home and office. Video conferencing has given a whole new meaning to online networking.
    • There is also the advantage that you are able to promote your business within the network, which could be a great way of getting not only customers but also potential collaborators and partners for your ventures. You could market in a variety of ways through a website, blog or just by participating in these forums. You could make yourself popular by writing eBooks and articles, and by posting on blogs of other people within the network. This can add to your credibility and make you a popular name within the network.
  • A lot of women are into social business networks because it becomes an added source of income for them. Such monetization is possible through various ways—blogs, articles, eBooks, sales letters and press releases, affiliate programs and so many other ways. Apart from the main business venture that they are in, the online monetization is a great way for supplementary income. Some women have even gone ahead and used their entrepreneurial skills so well that their online incomes have superseded their physical venture incomes.

How Does One Become a Member of Women in Business Networks?

Most of these women in business networks are quite strict about whom they allow to become members. Once you find a network, you are supposed to submit an application in which you are supposed to mention what nature your business is and what you expect to do once you are given access to the network. You have to state your purposes and intentions in joining the network. Some networks will also require you to submit some documents so that they are sure you are genuinely interested in the network by ensuring that you have a business of your own.

Once you submit these applications, they are scrutinized by a panel which is constituted by the expert members of the network. These people adjudge whether a particular member should be allowed or not.

When the membership is granted, it might be a partially featured membership for a short while or until some level of participation within the network. For instance, some new members might not be allowed to make their own posts in the beginning, though they can comment on other people’s blogs. Such features are incorporated to ensure that only interested people are kept on the network and the rest are weeded out. This becomes important to maintain the quality of the team.

So, being a part of an online women in business networks is a great idea. If you have a business that you are spearheading, this could be your go-to place where you get the information you don’t easily get elsewhere. This is where you can get encouraged and motivated by listening to what other women in business are up to. Find a great network and try becoming a member of it. Though you might find the going to be a little rough at the onset, there will certainly be many advantages in store for you.

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